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Really nice!

Gee. I looked scary when I dressed up myself. O_O


Awwww!!! It's so cute!!!

GRAPHICS: 10 It's to cute to gibe a 9 or below. :)

STYLE: 9 That marshmallow is ADORABLE!

SOUND: 8 The music made it cuter. :D

VIOLENCE: 0 Oh, wat shall a poor marshmallow do to kill? :(

INTERACTIVITY: 7 I'm not sure wat this means, just has to do with pressing buttons I think.


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Absolute-Requiem responds:

lol. thanks very much glad you enjoyed the game. Oh well violoence just wouldnt fit the game. maybe a parody version in the future (hmmmm). as for interactivity it just means how well the user can interact with the game.

thanks for the comment.


The end is SO funny! Ha ha! Tom Fulp is "Pico Jr." That was so cheesy. XD
Oh yeah, my name is Noe (Noelani) and when I was little I couldn't pronounce my name, so I called myself Nene. xD (Did u know that Nene is the state bird of hawaii. of where which i live. =D)
Ok herez some of the facts about Nene:

Breast size: 78
Waist size: 53
Email: Sexay_Nene08426 @ hot mail . com (Might be wrong with numbers)
Last name: Chow
Brothers: 2
Phone number: 204-783-4529
Blood type: A
Favorite type of music: RnB
Job: Clerk
I.Q.: 133
Favorite band: Instanious
Sign: Capricorn (Just remember: Capri Corn)
Birthday: Aug17
Favorite show: Transal Star Anime
Favorite movie: Into the Shawdows
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Favorite store: M Bottlers
Hip size: 36
Favorite pie: Patatoe (However you spell that darn word!!!)

o Be Vice President or higher FIRST. (About 20th day)
o Train strength up to 150 SECOND. (About 40th day)
o Train charm to 100-150 (About 50th day)
o Keep buying <3 packs at the store, and train strength aswell until at 250 strength. Also train charm if you get rejected on a date. (About 60th day)
o Give Nene Love pack before date.
o Anwser all her questions xorrectly on dates, and give her all <3 packs. (Maybe a Love pack once)
o Do not kiss or take photo until the love meter is at 100%.
o Take photo FIRST.
o Make sure your first 2 dates are succesful. Just incase.
o Use Blam attack on Emo leader until you run out of MP. DON'T USE T3H P0RT4L! USE PHYSICAL ATTACKS AFTER YOU RUN OUT OF MP!

GRAPHICS: 10 LOVELY! You see, I can't do relastic drawings! So smooth...

STYLE: 10 The idea was awesome, Pico Jr.? Tom Fulp as Pico Jr.?!?! It's so cheesy, but it's a great idea!!!

SOUND: 8 It's just annoying to me that you only have the music in the town. Everything else with the sound is fine. That's halarious you used Poke'mon battle music in the Emo attack!!!

VIOLENCE: 4 Just that the leader had some blood at the end. (Did even look like blood. O_o)

INTERACTIVITY: 10 I'm not too sure what that means, but I think it has something to do with pressing buttons, and I pressed a lot of buttons!



THANK YOU MAN! (Mangirl? o_o)
~~ Noe Dawg

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I love it!

I love this. It dosen't have a time limit to take me into a whole bunch of stress. Nice work.

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Thanks to this gadget, I'm learning Mario Theme really quick, and thinking about using it in my school's talent show if I can memorize it soon enough!

Great! Thank you!

Thank you soooooo much! I finally learned how to make a button! Yay!

Lopas1 responds:

LOL...ROFL...Have fun!


Sorry dude, i tried the button thing, and it dont work. exleast when i clicked action, then i clicked actions agian, i didn't see no button tab?!

Hello. I'm Noe. I like to make comics about a turtle named Lyman. He is based of my real pet Lyman, the turtle. I have a site with Lyman and his comic buddy friends on Xcomics.net.

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